Small Business Financing and Loans Lendio. Visit Preparing business for business is on the air with Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio. Lendio secures Small Business Financing and Loans. Join hosts Marcia Hawkins, president of the New York Shop Exchange and Kyle Clouse, vice president for insightful and creative strategies to prepare your business for business. Marcia Hawkins: Good evening everybody and welcome to the Business Preparing for Business radio program on the Preparedness Radio Network. This is Marcia Hawkins along my co-host, Kyle Clouse. Today is November 16, 2011 at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time on a rainy, cold night here in the northeast. We do welcome you and thank you for joining us here every Wednesday evening to take an informative look at how we can help you prepare your business for business. We have a platter of information for you along with exciting guests and informative commentary. Our objective for this show is to provide you with the tools that you need to either start a business, grow your existing business or offer up solutions in challenging times which we all know a little bit about that, don’t we? Now, tonight we’re excited to bring in an interesting guest on. But first, I want to bring on my Kyle Clouse. How are you Kyle? Kyle Clouse: Hey. It’s great to be here, Marsha. I’m very excited about the show that we have tonight with the content that we’re going to be offering. Marcia Hawkins: Yeah, me too. We’ve got an exciting

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