Plastic Surgeon Internet Marketing – Plastic Surgeon Video Marketing Are you a Plastic Surgeon looking for a more effective way to market your medical practice on the Internet? Most video marketers would have Plastic Surgeons believe that you need a flashy, studio quality video to market on the Internet. This is simply not the case. Flashy videos are not how your video, or medical practice will be found and indexed on the Internet or get in front of your potential patients. Understanding what the major search engines are looking for in terms of video marketing for plastic surgeons has given us an unfair advantage. We have a unique approach with a four step process for plastic surgeons looking to market their medical practices on the Internet. 1. First we create high quality videos, for Plastic Surgeons, with calls to action to contact your medical practice. 2. We then optimize the videos for the search engines to find and index your video. 3. After the video about your Plastic Surgeon medical practice has been created and optimized we then broadcast the video about your medical practice across the Internet targeting the keyword phrases that your medical practice wants to be found for. 4. Finally, we repeat this process and do it on a massive scale, creating several highly quality optimized videos per month for our medical practice clients. Did I mention that we take care of everything? We understand how busy Plastic Surgeons can be; hence we have

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