www.newyorkshopexchange.com Are you looking for Medical Care for a Veteran in Maine? Maine Veterans’ Homes has earned the reputation as a leader among the Nation’s system of state veterans’ homes as well as private long-term care and rehabilitative care providers. Dedicated to caring for those who served, the Maine Veterans’ Homes operates 640 beds in six facilities across the state, providing a continuum of care and support services for residents and families with unmatched commitment and compassion. Our vision is to be the provider and employer of choice, with ever-expanding quality and range of services to veterans, their families, and community. Maine Veterans’ Homes is a public, not-for-profit organization created by the 108th Maine legislature in July, 1977. Today, our six facilities located throughout the state are recognized for their modern amenities, exceptional programs and full continuum of care. Our success can be directly attributed to every employee’s unwavering commitment to our Mission and Core Values. We take our responsibility of ‘Caring for Maine Veterans’ seriously which makes any of our homes a truly pleasant place to be.

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