Local Marketing for Attorneys newyorkshopexchange.com Are you an attorney frustrated with the lack of results in your current Internet marketing strategy and the cost of tradition marketing methods? In 30 seconds I will show you how we can completely change the direction and dynamics of your current Internet marketing strategy. Hi, my name is Kyle Clouse, Vice President of New York Shop Exchange; a dynamic video marketing machine that infuses your video into the major search engines, saturating the Internet with your law practice. Our team of highly skilled videographers and Internet marketers create, optimize and broadcast your videos across the Internet, about your law office, getting you in front of your clients. It’s like having your own video billboard; except you’re plastered across the Internet. Our cost effective attorney marketing program is tailor made to your specific needs and industry. So what are you waiting for? Speak with me directly by calling 480-200-4222. Local Marketing for Attorneys

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