Lasik West Springfield Massachusetts. Are you looking for Lasik in West Springfield Massachusetts? At the NorthEast Laser Center our mission is to deliver an unmatched level of personal attention and expertise to those Lasik patients in West Springfield Massachusetts seeking to optimize their visual performance. The goal of Doctor John Frangie is to make your LASIK experience pleasant, rewarding and safe. Doctor Frangie and staff at the NorthEast Laser Center are committed to providing the patient in West Springfield Massachusetts with “vision for your lifestyle and for your life.” If you are looking for Lasik in West Springfield Massachusetts call the NorthEast Laser Center today at 866-733-6352. Or visit us online at Lasik the way it should be done. Doctor John Frangie and the NorthEast Laser Center. More Info: NorthEast Laser Center 1132 Westfield Street Springfield, MA (413) 781-6352 Video: Video Marketing by: Lasik West Springfield Massachusetts

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