Internet Video Marketing for Auto Dealerships. Visit Are you an Auto Car Dealership looking for a spike in exposure and sales? New York Shop Exchange has an innovative internet video marketing campaign that blasts out any sized auto dealership across the major search engines creating what is known as an adhesive video billboard. What are your next steps to getting your car dealership involved with New York Shop Exchanges permanent video marketing billboard campaign? 1. Visit New York Shop Exchange online and get started by visiting 2. Enter your email address so that you can be emailed our comprehensive package on marketing your dealership through video. 3. Call 480-200-4222 direct to get all the details along with multi-channel discounts. 4. Sit back and let the team at New York Shop Exchange get to work setting up internet video billboards across the internet using our proprietary video syndication process; all of which are focusing on your auto dealership.

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