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Are you looking for free marketing for business?  Hello this is Marcia Hawkins, President of, inviting you to get your your business listed  FREE on  Being a business owner for over 20 years, I get it.  The frustration of building a business, managing employees, customer service, and then of course advertising and marketing your business, the daily tasks go on and on.

I was fed up with trying to effectively market my business, the good news? I got busy, sole mission is to band all of us business owners together to create a ground swell of support for all of us in a  market-space to offer our goods and services. And it is FREE, if you wish to upload a video about your business the cost is just $97.00 annually, or allow us to custom  create a professional  marketing video for you and will blast it out across the internet for you, the cost for that is just $597.00 annually.

Visit, list your business and you will be entered to win a comprehensive video marketing package from our sister site worth over $4,000, 12 professionally designed marketing videos for your company., get your business listed today!

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